Ultimate Grand Supreme Spectacular Pageants - The Most Unique Pageant Experience on Long Island!
Welcome to our . . .
Ultimate Grand Supreme Pageant Expo & Luncheon Website!
The Most Unique Beauty Pageant Experience on Long Island/New York!

For the first time ever . . .
Join us for our Combined Themed Pageant . . .
FROZEN  Pageant
Expo & Luncheon!

Bring all the People you LOVE, and . . . Everyone you know who loves
to our:
Sweetheart &
FROZEN Pageant
Expo & Luncheon
To be held on:
Sunday, February 15, 2015 -
At the Magnificent . . .
Leonard's of 
Great Neck!

At OUR Pageants, Your Prince and Princess will be Treated Like Royalty!

It's A Surprise!
Special Guests!

To qualify, Contestants and Vendors must be reside in any of these areas:
Nassau & Suffolk, Long Island or Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn or The Bronx, New York

Pageant Update:
By Special Request  . . .
We Added Another Age Category
to our Pageant Program:
Little Miss Ultimate Grand Supreme Teen Princess of Long Island/New York -
(Girls Ages: 13 - 15 years old!)
Ask about our Brand New Event . . .
Birthday Party Pageants!

• Princess Birthday Party Pageants:
 ~  Little Miss Princess Birthday Party Pageant
 ~  Ultimate Grand Supreme Sweet Sixteen and
      Bat Mitzvah Princess Birthday Party Pageant

• School/Fund Raiser Pageants
We will come to your school or location and
     hold  Pageant!

• Corporate Fundraisers
We will come to your location and hold  Pageant!

We host an entire Beauty Pageant in honor of 
Your Birthday Girl, where her and her Guests will be treated like Royalty! They will truly enjoy this
Unique Beauty Pageant Experience!
Complete with: Crowns, Trophies and Satin Sashes!

Private Birthday Pageant Parties available!!
Your location or ours! Reserve your dates now!
For details emailed to you,  fill out our:
Application Form Page (Click on above!)
Little Miss Long Island Beauty Pageants/Expo & Luncheon -  As featured in NEWSDAY's - Explore LI - Kids Section, on May 7th, 2014!

Now Introducing Our:
Ultimate Grand Supreme Prince of New York's
Boy's Division!
Crowning New York's
Little Prince Charmingon Sunday,
February 15th,
of  Great Neck
11am to 5pm:

Boys also
compete for:
• Cash prize
of  $250 +
• A Modeling Contract
• A Huge Crown & Trophy
• A Satin Sash

Constants and Vendors must be residents of:
Nassau/Suffolk County, Long Island, NY - or Manhattan, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn or The Bronx, NY -
Proof required - Copy of Gas/Electric bill accepted!
(Boy's Ages: 6 mo - 10 years old)
Pageant Day Program:
Pageant Vendors/Set-up:  10am - 11am
Registration/Check-in:  11am - 12 noon
Theme Outfits Modeled: 12 - 1 pm
Talent Performed: 1pm - 2pm
Luncheon Served:  2pm - 3pm
Note:  Absolutely NO outside food or drinks allowed!
Party/Pageant Wear: 3pm - 4pm
Crowning Ceremony/Photos: 4pm- 5pm

Moms: Please have Contestants remain at the Trophy Table for a Photo of all our Contestants! Thank you!

Mom's: It's YOUR CHOICE!
Choose: Natural, Semi-Glitz or Full-Glitz

We CHOOSE NOT have a SWIMWEAR Competition!
Note: Hair Stylist and pageant Make-up Artist available,  for additional  fee!

Pageant Fees Automatically Entitle Contestant's to Compete for:
~ 1st Place Prize Winner
~ 2nd Place Prize Winner
~ 3rd Place Prize Winner
Plus. . .
~ Best Personality
~ Most Talented
~ Prettiest Hair
~ Cutest Smile
~ Best Costume

1st Place Winners Receive Title and:
~ A CASH Prize $250 +
~ A Modeling & Acting Contract +
~ A Sparkling Ultimate Grand Supreme Crown +
~ A Beautiful Ultimate Grand Supreme Trophy +
~ An Elegant Ultimate Grand Supreme Satin Sash
~ A Fun-filled Day for the Entire Family!

2nd Place Winners Receive: 
~ A Sparkling 2nd Place Crown +
~ A Beautiful 2nd Place Trophy +
~ A Fun-filled Day for the Entire Family!

3rd Place Winners Receive: 
~ A Sparkling 3rd Place Crown +
~ A Beautiful 3rd Place Trophy +
~ A Fun-filled Day for the Entire Family!

REMINDER: ALL Contestants Competing in our: ULTIMATE Grand Supreme Pageants Will
Receive A SPECIAL Participation Award!

Long Island's Princess Division/Titles:
Age Category:   Titles Contestants are Competing for:
6 mo - 1 year:     Little Miss Ultimate Teeny Princess/2015
2-4 yrs old:          Little Miss Ultimate Tiny Princess/2015
5-7 yrs. old:         Little Miss Ultimate Petite Princess/2015
8-9 yrs. old:        Little Miss Ultimate Junior Princess/2015
10-12 yrs. old:    Little Miss Ultimate Pre-Teen Princess/15
13-15 yrs. old:    Little Miss Ultimate Teen Supreme/2015

Please Note:We reserve the right to combine Age Categories, however, contestants will be judged on their ability for their own age!

Long Island's Prince Division/Titles:
Age/Category:  Titles Contestants are Competing for:
6 mo. - 1yr.          Little Ultimate Teeny Prince/2015
2-4 yrs. old:        Little Ultimate Tiny Prince/2015
5-7 yrs. old:        Little Ultimate Junior Prince/2015
8-12 yrs. old:     Little Ultimate Prince Charming/2015

SPECIAL AWARDS for BOY'S are also given for:
Most Charming, Best Hair-Style, Cutest  Smile,
Best Outfit and Most Talented!


To Become a Contestant, Click on:
Application Form Page, (above left), for details!
Fill out the form, completely!!! Upon receiving your Application Form, you will receive an e-mail, including an Acceptance Form Letter,which will include additional information on how to complete your Registration Process!

How to Obtain A Sponsor to pay for Pageant Fees:
If  you attend a Dancing School, or buy your costume and/or Pageant Dress at a store that is willing to be your Sponsor.
Ask them if they could contribute towards your Pageant Fees,
and we will announce their place of business, (when you are announced), and/or during your Talent segment - (if  your Dancing School is sponsoring you!)

ALL Guests - Must be invited by a Contestant, and be on her Guest List - You must provide Name and  Proof, at the door! (License)

We are confident your daughter/son will be thrilled to participate in our search for: 
The Ultimate Grand Supreme Little Prince and Princess/Long Island/NY
The Most Unique Pageant Experience on Long Island - As seen above, in Newsday!
Each of our Contestants, from Infants to Teens, will have an amazing experience, make new friends while building their self esteem and confidence!

First Come,
First Served -
and . . .
We only
accept one
from each

Beauty Pageant

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Little Miss Long Island Beauty Pageants Expo & Luncheon
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